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02:16am 27/01/2010
  Hello eljay. It has been like 6 months, and I must say my last posts are embarassing. Life if good. What's new!  
12:33am 06/11/2009
  Im never hear anymore. Not much to say. ups and downs in life. Moving far far away, maybe. not telling anyone where. can only go back 100 entry on your friends page? you guys post to much...

I stole this book, that has been last singed in 1937, "a history of experimental psychology". Opening my mind.

I dont need this physical body anymore.
12:20am 04/09/2009
  I beat the shit of inanimate object every chance i get. my knuckles are swollen, my ego is nil, as i am sore. Physical pain is better than emotional. as destructive as it is, it helps. Burn those calories, loose that weight, keep telling yourself that will make you feel better.

What am i supposed to think? Please tell me.
10:49pm 30/08/2009
  Traveled 34 hours
met some cool people
did some cool stuff
Got broken up with
Still here, gets a little awkward sometimes haha
still pretty cool being somewhere new.
Shes cooking me food right now, even though im not really hungry

I just dont know whats next. you know?

07:43pm 14/07/2009
  im posting from my g1!  
10:45pm 13/07/2009
  I never use this.

I hate everything, blah blah. you know, the usual.

Relationships suck, especially when you're beautiful girlfriend is 30 hours away.

Same stupid boring life. Even the exciting parts seem dull in retrospect.

Heres to drowning my sorrows!
04:27am 25/06/2009
  In all honestly, I dont know how i got a cool girlfriend. I wasn't expecting this. I feel so retarded saying love so early. Shit is weird.

Anyways, whats up guys?
02:09am 18/06/2009
  So moths have to be one of my favorite animals. Tonight a polyphemus moth landed on my house. It's be biggest moth in north America. He's nearing the end of his life. He only lived up to 5 days in this state because he doesn't eat. Im more than happy that he decided to come spend it with me. Im going to go hang out with him some more. I've named him Indrid.

Indrid ColdCollapse )
04:37am 16/06/2009
  I love watching shows about our universe and such. This astrophysicist was talking about how everything is made up of the same stuff. About how the smallest parts of us, exploded out of a star. About how we aren't in the universe, we are the universe.

There is something going on we just can not comprehend yet. When we are able to, our state of mind will be prefect. No war, no hate, no sadness. Just complete understanding of everything.

This sleep aid feels mind expanding, haha. Now i understand why peyote was used for introspection.
04:04am 15/06/2009
  I lay in bed, and as this sleep aid kicks in i cant help but to think. think about my future, others futures, humanity's future. i dont know what i really want. well, i know what i'd like, but thats not really feasible. dreams are dreams for a reason. reality seems less and less real. my perception on life, love, fun, happiness are all changing. some are subtle, some arent. i dont know where im going, but i like that in a morbid sort of way.

My mind wonders, and it always turns horrible. i become the type of person i hate. no one knows that part of me, i wont let it be seen. this is a good thing. self control is something that this world lacks. humanity has to become less human to survive. there is no hope.

We are all hopeless, just as i am personally.

i dont mean to sound like a bummer. i just like to realize i am not alone. we're all just as fucked. might as well live it how ever you want.

Goodnight, and i love you all.
03:52am 13/06/2009
  I love math. As im painting it on my ceiling.

My girlfriend is pretty awesome, minus the fact of her being pretty far.

Instrumental music has been my focus.

My thoughts have become completely different than who i believe i am.

There is something more to this, im reaching so hard to grasp it.
02:46am 05/06/2009
02:08am 03/06/2009
  Gah, shit is tough.  
10:05am 14/04/2009
  So i have a girlfriend. Really unexpected. She lives in canada, so who knows how it'll go. We have been friends because of BME for awhile(like a year at least), and she was going to come down and hang out for a show. Caught us both off guard how much we liked each other.

It was/is really weird. I dunno.

Big gulps eh?
..10 BOOOOMS :|: KAAAA..
11:08pm 06/04/2009
  how i look as of lateCollapse )

beard and mustache are coming along. haha
..14 BOOOOMS :|: KAAAA..
05:16pm 24/03/2009
  Im happy, im sad, im happy, im sad. what the fuck. I have no reason to be sad, or to be sad about the shit im sad about. I can't say whats on my mind, because it's fucking stupid. I have everyone in the world to talk to, i just dont want to because its retarded.

I guess i will just wait for it to pass, and to get happy again.

I love being happy.
03:10am 23/03/2009
  So i decided my pup needed some straw that was just sitting up at a construction site. he loves playing in the stuff, and it makes good bedding. So i grab my long board and head on up. A mile later, i find one. Mother fucking is like 150lbs, so as i put it on the long board, the trucks start creaking. "fuck it" i say, i hop on! As i start to roll down the hill, i get the speed wabbles, and eat it a few times before i get the hang of it. But when i do, holy shit, i was going to fast. Fuck it now, i aint trying to stop until i reach my house. I start to approach my house, so i try to slow down, "NOPE" says this big mother fucker. I end up laying down and digging my toes and hands (with gloves and shoes, i came prepared) into the asphalt. I slide past my house, as my pup starts barking due to the unusual sounds. I stop, and struggle to get this heavy ass bail of straw up my driveway to my pup. But when i do, he is so stoked! He tears into it before i can even get my camera out. I play with him for a bit, and come it. My shoes are messed up from stopping, haha. Oh well, it was worth it.

What a fun night!

pictures of said event!Collapse )
02:00am 20/03/2009
  Why is it i can say anything to anyone except those that i really want to say something too?

How fucking frustrating.
01:16am 20/03/2009

This is it.
04:48pm 19/03/2009
  ..Gobstopper Trailer - watch more funny videos..

Willy Wonka + Horror + Christopher Lloyd = Gobstopper