January 24th, 2009


Life could just be the first step in this thing we call existance. could be a stare case with a million steps. i've kind of been obsessed with this idea. what is next after this life. i wont know until im done here, but when will i know when i am done here? rage, romance? wishes, nightmares? i feel as i could be done here. i am ready. i am not afraid, nor will i be when it is time. if i am ready now, i will be ready for forever. so little our minds can handle. forever is something we'll never really understand, as much as we think we do. light will be numbers, sound will be taste, and colors will be heard. the more fragile we are, the more pieces we will become. strength in numbers. our weaknesses are our strengths. live with passion. live who you are, and not as someone else. i love you as you really are, i hate who you think you should become. i love you all.