Vern (tear_ofblood) wrote,

So i decided my pup needed some straw that was just sitting up at a construction site. he loves playing in the stuff, and it makes good bedding. So i grab my long board and head on up. A mile later, i find one. Mother fucking is like 150lbs, so as i put it on the long board, the trucks start creaking. "fuck it" i say, i hop on! As i start to roll down the hill, i get the speed wabbles, and eat it a few times before i get the hang of it. But when i do, holy shit, i was going to fast. Fuck it now, i aint trying to stop until i reach my house. I start to approach my house, so i try to slow down, "NOPE" says this big mother fucker. I end up laying down and digging my toes and hands (with gloves and shoes, i came prepared) into the asphalt. I slide past my house, as my pup starts barking due to the unusual sounds. I stop, and struggle to get this heavy ass bail of straw up my driveway to my pup. But when i do, he is so stoked! He tears into it before i can even get my camera out. I play with him for a bit, and come it. My shoes are messed up from stopping, haha. Oh well, it was worth it.

What a fun night!

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