Vern (tear_ofblood) wrote,

Traveled 34 hours
met some cool people
did some cool stuff
Got broken up with
Still here, gets a little awkward sometimes haha
still pretty cool being somewhere new.
Shes cooking me food right now, even though im not really hungry

I just dont know whats next. you know?


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    Hello eljay. It has been like 6 months, and I must say my last posts are embarassing. Life if good. What's new!

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    Im never hear anymore. Not much to say. ups and downs in life. Moving far far away, maybe. not telling anyone where. can only go back 100 entry on…

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    I beat the shit of inanimate object every chance i get. my knuckles are swollen, my ego is nil, as i am sore. Physical pain is better than emotional.…

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