What the fuck did i do to deserve all of this shit? im nothing but nice. i go out of my way for people. i help anyone and everyone out. i joke like im an asshole. but come on, i would do anything for anyone. this is really starting to get old. and its bringing back this shitty feeling it took so hard to get rid of.

im trying so hard to keep positive, i feel like im going to break.

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Haha, awesome. more luck.

Got a flat on the way back from terror. Nothing was open today because its sunday. Oh yeah, and then i got snowed in!

I probably wont be on here much, since i will be at my brothers. So please text me because i will be so bored. 360-440-5973

Wish me luck.

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So today, around 2pm.... I get pulled over. Cop asks me if i knew how fast i was going. My gps said 34, so i told him yes, 34. He takes my license to run it, 10 minutes later he comes up and asks me how much i have been drinking. Not IF i have. I kind of chuckled, BECAUSE IT'S FUCKING 2PM. So i said none, and he told me he didn't believe me. He asks me to get out of the car, continues to frisk me. Tells me that he is going to make me do some road side sobriety tests. I refuse, and tell him i cant because of a muscle disorder. He laughs, thinking im lying im sure. He tells me that he is going to have to take me in if i don't do at least a breathalyzer. So i say i can do that. And he says something about taking me in anyways. He tells me to spit out my gum, and asks what i was trying to mask the smell of. I responded "morning breath". I blow a NOTHING BECAUSE IT'S 2 IN THE GOD DAMNED AFTERNOON. He tells me to go back to my car, and sits in his car for 15 minutes. Comes back and tells me im free to go.


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Vegan tacos
Dogfish head 90 minute imperial IPA.

Tacos, awesome.
IPA, a little disappointing. Still pretty good, just not as good as i though it'd be.

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Rest in peace, Peachy.

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This really broke my heart. I don't remember the last time i cried over an animal. Fuck, im getting choked up right now. He died in Josie's mom's hands.