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03:10pm 19/03/2009
  I hate everything.

09:29pm 16/03/2009
  What the fuck did i do to deserve all of this shit? im nothing but nice. i go out of my way for people. i help anyone and everyone out. i joke like im an asshole. but come on, i would do anything for anyone. this is really starting to get old. and its bringing back this shitty feeling it took so hard to get rid of.

im trying so hard to keep positive, i feel like im going to break.
11:34am 15/03/2009
  Haha, awesome. more luck.

Got a flat on the way back from terror. Nothing was open today because its sunday. Oh yeah, and then i got snowed in!

I probably wont be on here much, since i will be at my brothers. So please text me because i will be so bored. 360-440-5973

Wish me luck.
02:36pm 11/03/2009
10:58pm 10/03/2009
  So today, around 2pm.... I get pulled over. Cop asks me if i knew how fast i was going. My gps said 34, so i told him yes, 34. He takes my license to run it, 10 minutes later he comes up and asks me how much i have been drinking. Not IF i have. I kind of chuckled, BECAUSE IT'S FUCKING 2PM. So i said none, and he told me he didn't believe me. He asks me to get out of the car, continues to frisk me. Tells me that he is going to make me do some road side sobriety tests. I refuse, and tell him i cant because of a muscle disorder. He laughs, thinking im lying im sure. He tells me that he is going to have to take me in if i don't do at least a breathalyzer. So i say i can do that. And he says something about taking me in anyways. He tells me to spit out my gum, and asks what i was trying to mask the smell of. I responded "morning breath". I blow a NOTHING BECAUSE IT'S 2 IN THE GOD DAMNED AFTERNOON. He tells me to go back to my car, and sits in his car for 15 minutes. Comes back and tells me im free to go.

08:16am 09/03/2009
  New day, new disappointment. Everyday.

This needs to be over.
12:47am 04/03/2009
  Vegan tacos
Dogfish head 90 minute imperial IPA.

Tacos, awesome.
IPA, a little disappointing. Still pretty good, just not as good as i though it'd be.
11:21pm 25/02/2009
  i am tired.

it's time to sleep.
04:28pm 22/02/2009
  Rest in peace, Peachy.

I'll miss youCollapse )

This really broke my heart. I don't remember the last time i cried over an animal. Fuck, im getting choked up right now. He died in Josie's mom's hands.
01:50am 21/02/2009
  I got artistic tonight

lookieCollapse )

Thank god i started feeling better so i could get this out of my head.
01:49am 18/02/2009
  It amazes me at how much i still fucking miss you sometimes. I wish i was strong enough to push you out of my life.  
01:37am 13/02/2009
  i just saw the trailer for the new street fighter movie, kinda looks meh. BUT, i heard they are making a movie for Y: the last man. One of my favorite comics. So lets see how that turns out.

I have been making jewelry, hemp, wood, and clear casting. I just wanted a new hobby. It's fun. can make shit for friends who want it. Making molds for plugs, but thats a rather long process, so i wanted to do something in the mean time.

As of late, it feels like people have been fakes. Which sucks, because its people i would have never expected it from. I love everyone nonetheless, just know that love doesnt equal respect.

I really need something new.

Im going out with ally and kelly on valentines day, im actually really stoked because it should be lots of fun.

I've drank a lot tonight, which is always when i make the best posts.

all in all, Girls are lame, some friends need to act like it, money sucks, and beer rules.


p.s. universal soldier is on
02:59am 12/02/2009
  Got pulled over. no insurance ticket, it had expired a week ago. 550 bucks.

Plus, everyone is bumming me out. If i've talked to you in the past few days, chances are you did something that got to me. Not that it's your fault, im probably just oversensitive.
..10 BOOOOMS :|: KAAAA..
03:48am 06/02/2009
  I hate insomnia, 2nd night.

Just watched city of ember, shit was awesome.

Car got a flat, hopefully they will be able to fix it.

Viaduct tomorrow if everything goes as planned.

Super stoked on a girl, also kinda bummin. Whatever, not really a big deal.

Whats new guys?
04:12am 24/01/2009
  Life could just be the first step in this thing we call existance. could be a stare case with a million steps. i've kind of been obsessed with this idea. what is next after this life. i wont know until im done here, but when will i know when i am done here? rage, romance? wishes, nightmares? i feel as i could be done here. i am ready. i am not afraid, nor will i be when it is time. if i am ready now, i will be ready for forever. so little our minds can handle. forever is something we'll never really understand, as much as we think we do. light will be numbers, sound will be taste, and colors will be heard. the more fragile we are, the more pieces we will become. strength in numbers. our weaknesses are our strengths. live with passion. live who you are, and not as someone else. i love you as you really are, i hate who you think you should become. i love you all.  
12:06am 24/01/2009
  Goals for this summer:
Thing's i've never done.
-lonesome 2 night hike.

what else?
02:31pm 22/01/2009
  Ever think there is something more to this world, than just life? The end of life could just be a step to more. No, not heaven or hell, but something more.

I just want to know.
04:38pm 20/01/2009
  Man, i really just hate everything. And every way out is too expensive.

fuck it
01:10am 20/01/2009
Star Wars: Retold (by someone who hasn't seen it) from Joe Nicolosi on Vimeo.

This is to make up for my last post
01:17am 19/01/2009
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